Sweater Knit Capsule

 Kasey is recuperating nicely and has been able to return to sewing. Recently, she created a mini capsule wardrobe consisting of five pieces, all made using sweater knits.  Kasey used Tea Rose Rib Sweater Knit and the Ocean Blue Rib Sweater Knit, which unfortunately are currently sold out. Look for these fabrics to be back in stock in late summer/early fall. Thanks, Kasey!

I recently got back to sewing after another convalescence – hopefully my last one for a long time! I made Simplicity 9717 in two colors of rib knit, Ocean Blue and Tea Rose (both sold out.)

The pattern was OK; I changed a bit, of course, like adding pockets to the skirt, removing them from the cardigan, adding sleeves to the top, and changing how the bottom hem on the cardigan is finished since I always hem everything to fit me. The pattern has you cut it to length then does an inside out origami step to finish it; I just folded it up and cover stitched from end to end.

The skirt is a slightly pegged pencil skirt, with a side zipper and fitted waistband. It doesn’t say anything about interfacing anywhere in the pattern, but I did interface the waistband with fusible tricot, as well as the upper side seams with stay tape since I was putting in pockets. Even if I hadn’t done pockets, I still would have done the side with a zipper. And yes, you can put in side seam pockets with a side seam zipper! In fact, that was easier than putting in the invisible zipper… my dyslexic self has to re-do it three times.

I used a partial elastic band method from the Palmer Pletsch pants book because I didn’t think the plain waistband would be supportive enough for pockets. For the pockets I used scraps of silk charmeuse.

For the second skirt, I just didn’t see the point in having a zipper and fitted waistband in a knit, now pull-on skirt, so I went full-on elasticized band. I left the darts unsewn, but eased the top edge of the skirt with my serger to help get it all into the waistband. I sewed up most of the seams with the serger and cover stitched to hem. The first version with a zipper has this funny bag-thing going on; I don’t know if the zipper is too heavy or I just did a bad job, but I don’t like it and the zipper will be removed at some point.

As mentioned above, I left out the pockets on the cardigan, and also added stay tape to the neckline and shoulders; the fabric isn’t heavy, but it does stretch easily and I wanted to help it hold its shape. I do though like the idea of patch pockets on the cardigan, and have enough knit and silk left to add some in the future.  And I also interfaced the belt with fusible tricot; it beefs it up and prevents it from stretching out while tied.

I only had enough of the pink to do a top as well; the colors mix and match nicely. I think I’ll add a second top in white rib knit to get a bit more combinations out of it. It would be a nice capsule wardrobe for a weekend trip in early spring or late fall. For the top and the cardigan, I did my usual FBA, but didn’t sew the darts, I just adjusted the side seams to accommodate the new length.

The fabric itself is lovely, drapey and soft. It may be a little too light for this pattern, and I felt I was just a teensy bit breezy; but I had some (more) silk charmeuse, a remnant from many moons ago, that was just enough to eke out a slip. I based it off of my a-line bias skirt, and it’s hanging right now, waiting to be hemmed another day.

The pattern may just not be for me, but if I do the skirt again it’ll be in ponté – and will definitely have pockets!


  1. May 3, 2024 / 9:26 am

    Kasey’s back!! Wish I’d bought some Tea Rose in addition to the blue sweater knit. This combination is inspiring.

    • Roz
      May 5, 2024 / 2:20 pm

      Thank you, Samina!

  2. Bernadette
    May 3, 2024 / 11:02 am

    Lovely! Welcome back Kasey! Happy you’re better.

    • Roz
      May 5, 2024 / 2:21 pm

      We are so happy she’s better!

  3. Jodi
    May 4, 2024 / 9:41 pm

    So nice to read your writing again! Great discussion. Your wardrobe looks so nice!

  4. Roz
    May 5, 2024 / 2:21 pm

    Thanks, Jodi!

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