The Oubliette Project / A Shacket

Most of us have experienced the frustration of working on a project that seems to drag on forever.  Kasey’s shacket was one of those projects.  Have you worked on a project that took longer than expected due to unforeseen challenges or obstacles? If so, share your experience with Kasey and the rest of the community in the comments below. It’s always helpful to know that we are not alone in our sewing struggles!!  Thanks, Kasey!


I’ve decided to name this project Oubliette because I have done nothing but forget from beginning to end! What was supposed to be a shacket a year ago from fabric purchased almost two years ago (pretty quick for me, actually!) is finally a shacket.


What did I forget? To make notes when I packed the project away for the season (by spring the weather was warm and I wasn’t feelin’ a shacket anymore.) I also forgot to go up a size or two so I could wear it over heavier winter tops (always listen to Roz!) Most frustratingly of all, I forgot to ignore the instructions and sew my sleeves in flat instead of in the round, thus leading to another reason I put the project away – the sleeves were frustrating me.


But I picked it back up a couple of weeks ago and worked out my sleeve problem. They aren’t the best-looking shoulder seams, but I think I can add some thin shoulder pads or maybe just sleeve heads and get it to look a bit better. I also need to add a lining, probably just a half lining, so it goes on more smoothly; since it’s cotton, it drags over whatever I’m wearing.


In addition, I forgot to sew the pockets and flaps on before I assembled the bodice – don’t know how it’s right there in the instructions. I think I was still trying to decide if I wanted them at all, especially the chest pockets – who needs headlights? But I went ahead and put them on. Delaying though allowed me to put in the buttons and buttonholes before attaching, which I highly recommend if you use this pattern, instead of waiting until the end when it’s entirely assembled.

Lastly, I forgot to measure for the sash belt before I cut it out. Luckily I had a good workaround! I connected the sash ends to the casing, giving myself another 18 inches or so. This also eliminated the need to pull a corduroy sash through a corduroy casing, which I knew would not go smoothly. And I will never misplace the sash either….


At this point, I was done with the project, so I decided to not put in the front buttons and holes. I think it will stay fairly closed on its own with the belt, and I don’t know that I would have buttoned it up much anyway – I can always add them later if I choose. Besides, the wrap look reminds me of that suede Halston dress which yes, had buttons, but I like my version.

So here is my Shacket, of lovely Rosewood corduroy (sold out-other corduroys here) from McCall’s 7365 (OOP) Let’s hope it’s cool enough this winter to wear it!

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  1. Patricia Bk
    December 15, 2023 / 6:58 am

    Kasey, I love your shacket! The fabric and the color are nice. I understand the frustrations with sleeves so well because it is a challenge sometimes for me too. No one will notice your imperfections unless you mention them. It looks like RTW and I’m sure you will look lovely wearing it!

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