SMF x SCF: All Tied Up

I was excited for Spring this time around.  I’m an Aries, so this season shift is especially invigorating.
Not only are green and foliage indicators of the season, but they’re also personal favorites of mine.

There is a decent amount of green variety in my wardrobe already, so this would flow in well.  And although the foliage and prints are generally things I use for home & decor (or just enjoy with outside hobbies), I loved this print and was happy to stretch it into my style.

Olive/Bottle Green Windowpane Leaf Print Cotton

The pattern caught my eye for a few reasons.  The design is a cute warm-weather option that reminded me of “fun in the sun,” and I also have a thing for ties and sleeves!

I love the fit and adaptability of ties because you can make them as snug as you like without the use of elastic, which I don’t always care for in some applications.

Ties are clean and fun!  Additionally, I knew that adaptability would likely relieve me of troubleshooting fit and tailoring issues.

That was especially valuable because I wanted that energy to focus on the other detail: Sleeves!  Sleeves are great design elements to play with.  I liked the original sleeve but quickly decided to make them even more dramatic.   I added 2 more tiers by lengthening the sleeve pattern to my sleeve measurement + 4 inches.

This would allow the bottom ruffle to fall over my hand plus also give room for the fullness of the puff to shine.

Not only would this help balance the super-crop design, but it made the garment more me overall.

This became a happy accident when I realized I also loved the sleeves uncinched.  It created a great puff/bell sleeve hybrid that I like almost even more than the double puff!

Sewing Tips
I’m petite, and because I was adding length to the sleeves, I elected to remove some of the volume.  Wide and long could easily be overpowering.  (And I won’t lie… This also allowed me to cut 2 without unfolding due to fabric width restrictions.  (Win-win!) I achieved this by creating symmetrical pleat folds on the front and back of the sleeve.  This would take out fullness from the cap and sleeve circumference.

My second tip that makes this pattern manipulation easier is Scotch Magic Tape!  It’s nice and matte and takes both ink and pencil well.  You can erase and it blends well with your paper.

Once those folds were made, I used a bit of scrap paper to fill in the new ridge and blend my armhole line.

More Details…
Instead of interfacing at the neckline as the pattern instructed, I used Stay Tape.  It is a Syreeta C studio staple.  I love it to reinforce necklines, especially with fabrics that can’t take heat well or as easily (whether it’s delicate or embellished).  I stitch it very close to or on top of my original seam, depending on the curve and fabric type.  You can still trim or clip it with the rest of your edges, and it holds well.

Bodice Lining


Side View


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