Black History Month Pattern Designers Live Event

If you didn’t have an opportunity to attend the inaugural #BHM Pattern Designers Live Event (@bhmpatterndesigners), you missed a wonderful chance for sewing enthusiasts to connect with new sewing friends.  The event was organized by Nateida, also known as @sewnaturaldane on Instagram.  Nateida has been running a sewing contest on Instagram for five years, explicitly highlighting Black pattern designers.  In February, participants were invited to create garments using patterns from Black designers and post them on Instagram with the hashtag #bhmpatterndesigners and by tagging @sewnaturaldane.  The event culminated in a random drawing on March 6, with three lucky winners receiving door prizes!


The event was held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Katy, Texas.  After attendees arrived and checked in, they gathered at 4pm to pre-shop fabrics in my suite before heading to Black Walnut Cafe for a meet-and-greet dinner.

Bright and early Saturday morning, Diana, one of the hostesses, warmly welcomed the ladies and facilitated the check-in process, where they received their name badges, the itinerary for the day, swag bags, and complimentary light bites.

Our host, Natieda, opened the event with a beautiful outfit that included a Love Notions Arlington Top and Michelle Sews Agnes Skirt made with Navy Blue Ponte Knit.  Completing the outfit was the Jdesiree Studio August Wrap Vest.

Beverly Gatterson, Ph.D. in clothing and textiles, taught the first class of the day, Natural and Man-Made Textiles.  The class provided a brief overview of textiles, particularly emphasizing natural and man-made fibers.  Students were given a set of swatches to apply what they learned, as well as how to properly pronounce the names of various fabrics.  Additionally, the class discussed the properties of fibers and their impact on comfort and movement.

The Power of Color Analysis was the second class of the morning taught by Audrey Schlorholtz (@colormatchstudio), owner and creative of Color Match Studio.  She is trained and certified in the 12 Tone True Color International (TCI) method for personal color analysis.  She delivered an insightful presentation on the fundamentals of color theory, the history behind color analysis, and an overview of the personal color analysis process.  The TCI is rooted in the 3 dimensions of color (hue, value, and chroma) as they relate to each unique individual in terms of their natural design, and the process was showcased using a test client.  Knowing and understanding how and why certain colors work well together and viewing each of the unique 12 tone color palettes is advantageous to home seamstresses and crafters as they incorporate colors in their creations.

Following the morning classes, it was time for a lunch break and more shopping!
Sew Your Bag

Sewrority Wear

Fabric Shopping

The fashion show started after lunch.  So many fabulous garments and sewing inspirations!

After the fashion show, Ann Ngo (@youtique_lifestyle) led a make-it-and-take-it class titled “How to make the Camryn Fabric Flower.” The guests learned how to manipulate fabric, modify its size, give it texture, and see the different ways they could embellish it.  Ann enjoyed the moment the guests transformed an ordinary fabric into an extraordinary flower.

Monica Monyo-Tetteh (@thatssomonica), co-owner of Sewrority Wear and owner of Living the Ankara Lifestyle Brand, presented the final class of the day with another make-it-and-take-it session.  Attendees were taught the art of making exquisite necklaces using their creativity painting beads.  She also shared knowledge of her West African culture and Adrinka symbols.

The BHM Pattern Makers Event concluded with a pattern swap and a final gathering where attendees enjoyed music and drinks. The event was a great success and everyone had a good time. The next BHM Pattern Makers Event is scheduled for 2025.  Hope to see you there!


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