Client Makes: Lyocell Shirtdress

Andrea says, “I was so happy with the outcome of this cutie ☺️. The pattern is another armhole princess version of my Sanoma pattern. (a Sew To Fit patron perk).

I quickly added it to my closet.

It’s made of a super fine Lyocell

A quick note about the fabric-
1- It presses extremely well with little heat.
2- You can wash in the machine. I recommend dry cleaning. However, if you wash, you will lose the lovely sheen.
3-The fabric takes beautiful, even buttonholes.
4-Designs are not limited. You can make pretty much anything.
5. It only requires lightweight interfacing unless you want a stiffened look.
6. Sew and stabilize edges, as they shred very quickly.
**I especially like the soft feel and drape.”

Fabric: Chambray Twill 6 oz Lyocell
Pattern: Sanoma pattern (a Sew To Fit patron perk)


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