Colors for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is coming and it’s a good time to reconnect in a big or small way with family and friends.  If you’re celebrating (my family is taking a cooking class) you’re probably thinking about what color to wear.  I asked Color Strategist Lauren Battistini t0 highlight the popular colors for the Day of Love!  #sewlovefellowship


Red is the go-to color for Valentine’s Day, and there is a good reason for that.  Who can ignore red?  It almost insists on being noticed.  It represents passion and intensity and I’m here for it!  Why not opt for a nail color or handbag in this hue for those feeling less than bold about wearing red?
Ruby Red 8.5 oz Cotton Twill, Apple Slice Cotton Knit-Dusty Coral/Cream, White/Black /Pink/Red Daisy Print Stretch Cotton Poplin, Red Faux Leather

Orange is the spunky, optimistic, creative, and less intimidating cousin to red.  I love to see orange in all of its tones, from mandarin to peach to coral.
Paprika Twill 6 oz Lyocell, Amber Stylized Floral Viscose Crepe, Ivory/Rose Gold Brocade, Persimmon Stretch Silk Charmeuse

Let’s not forget pink, which is evocative of the softer, gentler, sweeter side of love.  Baby pinks and blushes are a calm, subdued expression of love, while vibrant hot pink expresses itself with much of the passion of red.
Haute Pink/Black Geometric 2-Ply Viscose, Ballerina Pink Cotton Shirting, Large Lilac/Vivid Auburn Floral Cotton/Viscose Blend, Fuschia Ponte Knit

Violet, periwinkle, and purple tones are all reminiscent of the deep, spiritual component of all love relationships.  These tones most remind us of deity and I would hope God’s love for us.
Silk Charmeuse-Violet, Black/Orchid Reversible Floral Taffeta, Silk Charmeuse-Amethyst, Blackberry Twill 6 oz Lyocell

White symbolizes purity, as well as fresh starts and new beginnings.  This Valentine’s Day, I want to wear white to remind myself that my closest relationships are ALL based on the solid foundations of unselfish love and pure motives.

Egyptian Cotton-Optic White, White Double Cotton Gauze Eyelet, White with Red/Black Dots and Stripes Viscose Satin, White 8.5 oz Cotton Twill

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