Practical Fashion

Well, it has finally happened! The pandemic has pushed the fast-paced fashion industry into reality. The often over the top trends (I never understood open-toed boots!) are being replaced with fashion that works with real life. But is fashion dead? No, just more realistic.

Wardrobe Planning

Let’s pause for a brief moment while I put on my wardrobe planning hat! I like to compare wardrobe planning to meal planning. Before you go to the grocery store, you plan your meals for 1-2 weeks. You check the frig and pantry to see what’s there and add the item(s) needed to prepare your meals. Wardrobe planning is the same. Take some time to figure out what activities you have from now-Dec. Next, check your closet and see if you have what you need. Whatever you are lacking goes on your sewing list and you have just created a wardrobe plan! Go shopping for any fabric and notions that you need and start creating a wardrobe that always serves you well! (takes off wardrobe planning hat…)

Comfy Fashion
This is the new catch-all fashion category because we are working, homeschooling, relaxing, and entertaining ourselves mostly from home!

The morning commute has never been so easy! Working from home (WFH) often require zoom meetings. This fashion trend is called “above the desk”. The goal is to be comfortable yet pulled together. You’ll want to sew tops in flattering colors or interesting patterns to compliment your face. Pants or skirts made with 16oz Ponte knit will keep you comfortable and stylish just in case you need to stand up!

Fabric: Coffee Brown/Coral Geometric Cotton Knit, Espresso Brown Ponte Knit (Sold Out)
Patterns: HP 1233 DL Classix Nouveau Swingy Knit Top & Tank, Pants Burda Style 02/19 #104

School bells are ringing in lots of living rooms this semester. You’ll want to be comfortable, not sloppy to set the mood for the school day. A great pair of jeans or cotton twill (perfect for recess) and a soft blouse or t-shirt is a smart way to drop knowledge on the young ones.

Fabric: Navy/Red, Cream Graphic Print Rayon Lawn (Sold Out), Navy Cotton Twill
Pattern: Allie Olson -Coram Top, Burda Style 02/2019 #123

Relaxing at home has brought the housedress back in fashion. An A-line dress or jumpsuit in a drapey knit, cotton, or linen will keep you presentable to answer the door for deliveries. And why not treat yourself to a nice pair of pjs!

Fabric: Autumn Limbs Viscose Jersey Knit (Sold Out)
Pattern: Sinclair –Iris raglan swing dress

Fabric: Heather Faded Blue Denim Rayon Jersey Knit
Pattern: Style Sew Me-Lisa 

Fabric: Egyptian Cotton-Turquoise
Pattern: Closet Core Patterns -Carolyn Pajama

Don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s Eve celebrations! The parties might be smaller and at home but it’s still worth the effort to celebrate with the people that mean the most to you. Include plans to sew a festive outfit like a tunic top plus a pair of pull-on pants and give a toast to the holidays!

Fabric: Black/Blush Leopard Print Burnout Stretch Velvet, Midnight Black Ponte Knit
Pattern: Vogue 1739

Remember comfy doesn’t mean sloppy and getting dressed helps our mental state of mind!  What will you add to your sewing queue?  Let me know in the comment section.  Stay safe, keep sewing, and encouraging one another!


  1. August 22, 2020 / 6:31 am

    I love this! That is exactly how I meal plan and grocery shop. Why didn’t I think of that for my wardrobe? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Roz
    August 22, 2020 / 3:48 pm

    Glad I could inspire you and thanks for commenting!

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