Wardrobe Planning with Ann: Color-Blocking

There’s nothing shy about color-blocking!  Color-blocking can elevate an outfit to a new level of interest with endless combinations to choose from.  Because Ann’s style aesthetic is edgy, I decided to color-block with color, print and texture.  (Most images are clickable)

Color Block Skirt

I wanted Ann to have a statement piece for fall.  Looking for inspiration, I came across a front zip skirt on Net-a-Porter (center pic in the photo below) and that became the jump-off point.   Ann started a Pinterest board and added more inspirational skirts.

Ann used her skirt block from the red lace skirt to make the pattern.  She did a great job on the fit!

The fabric combination I chose is the Black/White Diamond Woven Cotton and Red Faux Leather with a red lining and a brass metal separating zipper.  You can find all of the fabric/notions here.

Now, this is where I love the creative freedom of sewing!  You get to decide how you want the different fabrics to come together.  I played with swatches of the Black/White Diamond Woven Cotton (Sold Out)  and Red Faux Leather to come up with the combination I wanted for Ann.  I liked the bright Red Faux Leather because Ann has a rectangular figure type and I needed to create a waistline. To do this, I used the Red Faux Leather in 4 different places:
1. As a waistband to highlight the waistline
2. Down the center front to create height and point to the waistline
3. Pocket flaps to widen the hipline
4. At the tapered hem to create a curvy silhouette

For sewing tips, watch Ann’s video on How to Sew a Corner Seam and Welt Pocket


Ann wore her skirt on an Anniversary trip that her wonderful husband planned to Seattle!


Color-Blocked T-Shirt

Ann has several tops that coordinate with the skirt but I wanted to add a t-shirt that would give the outfit a designer look.  My original thought for the color-blocked t-shirt was a red yoke in the front.  But after the skirt was done, I realized that it was too much for Ann’s height (5′ 2″).

 Ann wore a black top and I played with the Torch Red Rayon Jersey Knit placing it at different seams to see what looked best.  I decided on the neckline, armhole and the bottom of the sleeve.

Black Rayon Jersey Knit, Torch Red Rayon Jersey Knit

Ann created a visual of color-blocked tops on her Pinterest board.

The pattern was copied from a RTW T-shirt.

The red binding is 1/2″ finished.

Sewing Tips from Ann

Additional Looks

Long sleeve knit top, Black t-shirt


Red lace skirt, Red Linen Sailor Shorts

Have you made a color-blocked look?

Next up, a coat!

And as Ann always says, “I hope you get inspired to create something EXTRAordinary 😉

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