Red Dress Refashion!

Andrea, of Sew To Fit, has turned this former maternity dress into a dress that is perfect for a day to evening look on Valentine’s Day.  Great save Andrea!  Thanks!!

This dress was originally made for my Daughter-in-Law, when she was pregnant, way back in 2017.  She had thoughts of wearing one of those slim fitting dresses with all the ruching up the side, in order to reveal the bump that was soon to be my grandson.  I made three dresses for her, all in one week, trying to get the look she wanted before I realized, that I was not a “Forever 21” mass production line. I finally decided to just make a simple wrap dress using this matte rayon jersey fabric in black.  I was so happy she didn’t like this one!  What was I thinking!!!

I guess you could officially call this one a “save”, since I drew it from a pile of lost souls, aka UFP- Unfinished projects, just in time to cut the pleated/gathered side seams off and slim the dress down to  my waist size, stitch the hems and get out the door for our family Christmas Party.  I was intending to make a cute dress with that buffalo plaid you see around my neck, but I just plumb ran out of time.  

The dress is a simple tee-shirt dress designed from my basic dress block.  I figured it should be easy to just throw together a dress with some ruching up the sides, as she had requested.  The original dress was made with added length up the sides to give it the pleating she wanted.  The neckline was made simply by creating a binding from the self-fabric.

Construction Details:

Pattern: Self Drafted from my dress block, sold here

Fabric:  Torch Red Rayon Knit Matte Jersey from Sew Much Fabric

Finishing:  I finally decided to use my cover-stitch machine to hem my knits.  What took me so long, I have no clue.  I think we become so set in our ways, that the thought of learning something new scares us.  Well, I think that’s the case for me.  

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