Meet Ann!

I have known Ann for almost ten years and she is one of the kindest and most generous people that I know.  She is a young mother of three wonderful children and a husband that is in dental school.  She is also the Creative Director of Youtique Bridal and Lifestyle.  To say her household is busy is an understatement.  Ann made the decision to live a simpler and less cluttered lifestyle to reduce stress and increase joy.  I will be collaborating with Ann on building a small but highly functional wardrobe that is handmade.  Continue reading and meet Ann!!

Where are you from?

I was born in Vietnam and became a resident to Lynchburg, VA when I was 1.  My family moved to Sugar Land, TX when I was 6 years old and lived there until I became a Katy resident in 2017.  My family & I have fallen in love with Katy.  

How did you learn to sew? 

When I was a toddler, I would watch my mother in awe as she sewed clothes for us.  I tried sewing in middle school but failed at reading sewing patterns.  I tried it again in college as I still wanted to wear fashionable pieces on a college budget.  Although I was a biology major, I would go to the bookstore and skim sewing books. I still have a few of the first sewing books I purchased from college.  My college friend Anne Kuo, who sewed for herself because of her gifted full bust size, gave me my first lesson on pattern adjustment.  She also gifted me my first Nancy Zieman book.  With the books I had as a reference and my limited sewing experience, I started a custom formal dress business.  I learned a lot about formal fabrics and specialty sewing during that time.  I continued to expand my sewing knowledge when I joined the Sewing Fashionistas in 2010, the year my daughter was born.  I finally took my first official sewing class in 2012 with Susan Khalje Couture.  It was a week-long class that changed my outlook on sewing, fabrics, and fitting.  I learned so much from my fellow classmates and Susan Khalje.  It was a life-changing sewing experience for me.  I hope to one day attend The Paris Tour with Susan Khalje Couture.  

As a Wife and Mom to 3, how do you find time to sew? 

I had tried for years to sew for myself but it was hard fitting it into my schedule after caring for children and managing my online Bridal Business.  Instead, I decided to work it into my business model to share my experience of sewing for myself and do wardrobe planning, especially since I am on a journey of simplifying.  This is an opportunity to explore different fabrics outside the world of bridal.

What kind of sewing machines do you use? 

I use the Bernina Artista 640 and the Bernina 1300MCD. 

What is your favorite Sew Much Fabric garment? 

My favorite Sew Much Fabric garment is the Pine Green Laser Cut Faux Leather dress.  Beside sewing on a leather patch, I never had the opportunity to sew a leather outfit.  Everything about the Laser Cut dress was a fun adventure for me.  I learned a lot about sewing with leather and new sewing techniques for this particular project. 

Photo courtesy of Victoria Garcia Studios

Why do you want to do this “style journey” now? 

When I had my third child in 2010, I decided to stay home with my children.  However, I transitioned my job into doing video tutorials and alterations part-time where it gave me the flexibility to work from home.  Working behind the camera and caring for little children led me down the path of self neglect.  I lost my fashion sense and my body was not the same as it was pre-babies.  I want to do this “style journey” now because I am ready to go out into the workforce full swing.  In 2018, I started stepping out of my home studio to attend meetings, networking events and traveled for work.  I decided I needed a new fashion forward “working” mom wardrobe.  I wanted a wardrobe to fit my lifestyle and express my style aesthetic.  

Ann’s collaboration with Williams Sonoma and Pottery Barn.

What do you want to achieve with this collaboration? 

 I want to explore how to sew and work with different fabrics beyond the basic formal bridal fabrics I am used to.  Through this collaboration, I hope to learn more about my style aesthetic and how I can plan my wardrobe accordingly.  Since Roz is a textile expert and professional stylist, I know I will expand my sewing experience and successfully accomplish my wardrobe goals.  I have a feeling this will be another life changing experience for me.   

What other interests do you have outside of sewing? 

Besides sewing and spending time with family, I love a good adventure. I enjoy traveling, exploring places, and learning about different cultures.   Also, my husband & I enjoy running to keep ourselves healthy.  We have accomplished 3 half marathons (13.1miles) and will be running our first full marathon (26.2miles) in January 2019.  Now, this final interest is a stretch.  I want my very own motorcycle but my husband is hesitant about the idea, understandably.  I have taken a motorcycle class and got my license.  However, I am waiting on my better half to give me the okay.  This way, I can feel the wind in my hair and ride off into the beautiful sunset.  

That’s Ann in the middle!

Anything else? 

I am excited for this new chapter in my journey and I am hoping anyone who comes to visit can learn something new and share in the experience.


  1. Youtique Bridal & Formal
    January 4, 2019 / 7:02 pm

    Thank you Roz for the opportunity to collaborate. I am excited about my upcoming new #memade wardrobe��

  2. Roz
    January 4, 2019 / 10:45 pm

    Me too!! 🙂

  3. Nateida Lathon
    January 8, 2019 / 5:35 pm

    So happy to read and learn more about Anne! I'm excited to here how the collaboration turns out.

  4. Roz
    January 17, 2019 / 3:11 pm

    Thanks, Nateida!

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