The Late Summer/Early Fall Grooving!

Summer is for grooving and even though we are anticipating cooler temperatures, it’s still fun to enjoy the last warm days of summer with fun events while we wear beautiful clothes.  So since it’s hard to let summer go, we’ll look at some opportunities for making some wonderful, versatile garments suited for summer and beyond. 

Late summer/early fall weddings or local events, look your best!

Attending a destination wedding or local event, look your best!

Channel your inner goddess of love with wrapped and drapey silhouettes using the Whimsical Floral Digital Print Rayon Jersey Knit. Florals are all over the runways!  Or select a solid color in Teal Green Rayon Jersey Knit.  Consider Vogue 9312 for a quick construction in the print jersey or the solid. Dress it up or down with accessories.

Did you say brunch?  Or a late summer BBQ? Oh yes! Rock these events with beautiful textures and prints!  

Brunch. Backyard BBQ. Neighborhood farmers’ market. These fabrics are begging to be made into this jumpsuit from Vogue 1591. Use the Black Sundial Eyelet and underline with the color of your choice or use Island Tropical Print Rayon Poplin-Black. Wear this straight into early autumn with a small cover-up jacket or t-shirt wornunderneath.

Dance the night away under the stars! Plan for a date night or girls’ night out looking sultry and glamorous.

Aiming for eyes on you all night long? I’m loving blush the color of the season and so flattering on a variety of skin tones. Go with the Ivory/Rose Gold Brocade or the Pale Peach/Apricot/Coral Rose Jacquard Brocade for an unforgettable look!  Here’s an idea. The fabrics can be used on either side!

What a great way to end the summer and start fall in one or more of these fabulous garments!  Start your sewing adventure by browsing the selection of current trendy colors and fabrics at Sew Much Fabric!  Enjoy!

Fabric ideas posted by Beverly Gatterson, who teaches fashion design at the Art Institute of Houston.

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