Summer White

White, that warm-weather staple, is also a popular dress code for summer parties.  Andrea’s mother was invited to such a party and needed an outfit fast! It all worked out and I think she looks super chic in her white rayon jersey jumpsuit (McCalls 7716).  Thank, Andrea!

Now you all know I am a sucker for last minute projects, especially when the request comes from my Mom.  So, this is how it went last week (Wednesday) on a visit to her house.  She informs me that she cannot find anything to wear to a party that’s in two days.  Yep!!! Two days, aside from the evening I’m at her house.  At this particular point, she knows there is no way I’d let her look anything but FABULOUS!!!  

We decided to peruse the internet in search of something she liked.  She loves the 70s style and she definitely wanted a jumpsuit, that was confirmed.  All we had to do at this point is find a jumpsuit that was her style and fabulous.

We ended up going with an item that we saw on Amazon which was pretty nice, but of course, we didn’t have time to order one and I already knew it was going to be made out of the cheapest polyester that would have probably suffocated her in this Texas heat.  

Without a doubt, I decided we needed to find some fabric she could wear…it had to be a natural fiber.  We checked the local fabric store…NOPE!!  It was too late to order any from online.  I ended up calling Roz, with Sew Much Fabric, with the hopes she would accommodate me and allow me to pick up the 11oz Rayon Knit that is my absolute favorite!!  

YAYYY… she agreed, and you know I was out at almost 9pm, the drive is almost an hour from me.  I was desperate.  THANK YOU ROZ!!

White Rayon Jersey Knit, Beige Tricot Lining

The fabric was extremely easy to work with of course.  I did take the time to test several stitches in order to create the optimum seam finishes. 

This is the stitch I used for construction and hemming:  75/11-2.8 Stretch needle (Schmetz)  I used the Wooly nylon in the bobbin.  

 In some cases, I switched back and forth from a 2.8 – 4.0 length depending on the seam and throughout, I used my walking foot.

For the pants, I had to consider the strength of the fabric so I made sure that I had zero ease in the crotch because I knew the pants would stretch from the weight of the fabric which is normal for any type of knit pants.

The pattern called for a woven, but this jersey handled this pattern like a champ, even when I had to put a zipper into the center back!

My mom had a great time at the party and everyone loved her jumpsuit!


  1. Audrey
    August 5, 2018 / 12:08 pm

    She looks so elegantly fabulous!

  2. Ann Made Studio
    August 21, 2018 / 11:22 pm

    Andrea you are such a wonderful daughter :)Your mom looks beautiful. I love this outfit.I have been looking for a good quality white knit fabric. Thank you for sharing.

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