5 Ways to Wear Yellow this Spring for YOUR Skin Tone

Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism but most of us are unsure how to wear this sunshine color!  Lauren Battistini, chief color strategist and owner of LFB COLOR CONSULTING, is sharing 5 strategies to successfully add this trending color to your sewing list! Use these tips and head over to Sew Much Fabric and select your shade of Yellow!

1. Yellow is an inherently warm color, so cool or blue undertones have the most trouble wearing this hue. For cool, or blue undertones, or those that are more cool than warm, wearing a cool, crisp yellow and/or a soft butter yellow are your best options. The warmer the yellow, as in mustard or orange-yellow, the more sallow and uneven the skin tone will appear on those of you with cool undertones.

Buttercup LinenAmelia Lace-Sunset Yellow
Golden Amber Rayon Jersey KnitSatin Back Crepe-Canary Yellow

2. If you have to wear the warm yellows, even though they are not “your colors,” consider bringing in cool tones as accents. Incorporate black either in the pattern or as a jacket. Pro tip: Bring in coolness to a warm yellow ensemble with silver jewelry. Yes, it does work, ladies, and be sure to wear that silver jewelry close to the face to offset the visual effects of the warm yellows.

Cream/Yellow/Grey Leaf Print Scuba Knit 

3. For warm undertones, this is your season to create several statement pieces in various shades of yellow. How do you know if a yellow is too blue or cool for you? Put it to your face and see if it makes you look dull or washed out. For deeper WARM undertones, too cool of a yellow will make the skin appear dull and flat. The right yellow will add warmth to your skin without turning you sallow or jaundiced in appearance.

Silk Charmeuse-Apple CiderDesert Sand Stretch Cotton Sateen

4. When mixing and matching your yellows with other colors in your wardrobe, it is most important to keep the intensity of the color palette consistent. Bright vibrant yellows combine best with other bright tones, and muted yellows pair best with other muted tones.

Buttercup LinenTangelo Rayon Jersey Knit
Chamois Wool Calvary TwillArmy Green Rayon Jersey Knit

5. With yellow, a little bit goes a long way. I love this idea of incorporating a tiny bit of yellow in a shirt or dress pattern, then investing in a yellow handbag or pair of shoes to complete the look. 

Field of Flowers Stretch CottonFloral Vine Cotton Lawn

Yellow is trending this spring and will play a big role in the fall.  Use these strategies to get to know your best shade of yellow or contact Lauren at LFB COLOR for a consultation!

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