Blue Note

Kasey has put this fabric to the test!  And as a classic t-shirt in this vibrant shade of blue it’s a great addition to her wardrobe.  Thanks Kasey!

The 11oz rayon jersey knit (used here in cobalt blue) is a great quality fabric with the ease of wash and wear. It sews very well and has excellent recovery. I wore this over a recent weekend trip and was able to wear it on a very long and hot day (18 hours), wash out a small stain from salad dressing in the hotel sink with bar soap, and wear it again on the trip home (about 5 more hours in the airport, plane ride and driving home.) Wonderful resilience and recovery – I didn’t feel at as if I was wearing a stretched out shirt for the second day.

Here it is in the photo after a regular wash cycle and long stint in the dryer, perfectly fine and no pilling after its third washing in this manner. No, not the recommended treatment but I’m not one to be dainty about a t-shirt. The pattern used is McCall’s 6964, but I know it would also be a great fabric for any of Sew to Fit’s new tops patterns.

Some tips on this fabric: trim or clip the selvage, it’s very tight and will throw off the grain of the fabric if you don’t. Also, try using a fusible wash-away stay tape to turn up your hems; while it adds a few minutes to your prep time, this will give the fabric some stability and allow much easier sewing whether with a coverstitch or regular sewing machine.

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  1. Jodi O
    July 14, 2017 / 3:11 pm

    Love this Kasey! Beautiful color too!

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