Pattern Review-A White T-Shirt

Kasey has sewn up a wardrobe basic, the white T-shirt!  The pattern is a design by Andrea at Sew To Fit.  Great job ladies!!!

This is a review of the White Rayon Jersey Knit from Sew Much Fabric, which I received in exchange for a review of the fabric as well as a review of Sew to Fit’s Tee Shirt Pattern (available soon), which I also received.

This fabric is very nice; it washed well and dried without much shrinkage (yes, I didn’t follow the directions; I put it in the dryer on low but will hang-dry the garment from now on.) It feels like a cotton knit, though it is a rayon/ spandex blend. It is lightweight yet still has that “heft” I find peculiar to jersey knits.

It sewed up well and went through my sewing machine like a breeze. Some cautions: it is lightweight, so start your seams with a piece of tissue paper. Also, clip or discard the selvage as it gets very tight and will throw off your grain lines. Lastly, the two sides are different so be sure to mark which side you’re using for the “right” side.

I think it would be great for not only t-shirts, but a wrap dress or wrap shirt (ballerina style.) And with winter coming up, it would be wonderful as lingerie to layer under wool or flannel dresses; it’s so soft it would make a snugly camisole, slip or even pant liner.

But of course it works well as a t-shirt. Andrea’s pattern, the Sew to Fit Tee Shirt, is such a terrifically simple pattern. It came together easily and I knocked it out in less than 90 minutes; I think it took me longer to print, assemble and trace off my size!

This tee has a yoked and split back, which affords many opportunities to customize the fit. It’s drafted to be nice and roomy in the hip and has a good length built in; I actually cut some length off where I’m usually adding several inches. And the plain neckline is very easy to change to suit your taste, as Andrea gives you directions to make a band to fit whatever neckline you create. I’m impressed not only with the size range, but the sleeve sizes; I only had to do a 1-inch full bicep adjustment from the largest size, whereas I usually have to do a 4- to 5-inch adjustment.

I made a size “18”, which was a 16 for the back bodice and a 22 for the front. I cut a size 26 for the sleeve with a 1-inch full bicep adjustment. I lowered the neckline my usual 2 inches, but when I make it again I may try a V-neck instead. It’s a little roomier in the hip than I would like for this kind of fabric, so I will likely trim it down. But overall a nice, quick pattern I think many women will enjoy making and wearing.

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