A Skirt for All Occasions

New Year’s Eve has passed and Valentine’s Day is the next holiday you want to dress for.  Andrea, from Sew To Fit, has killed two occasions with one skirt when she made this fabulous black sequin skirt. She made the blouse, too!  Though the red silk charmeuse is sold out, the magenta silk charmeuse  (now sold out-all silk charmeuses here) would be a great option.  Andrea has also produced a video to show you how to sew invisible darts in this fabric plus a few other helpful tips. Thanks Andrea!

It is said by more than a few stylist in the world of fashion that I should have at least one “fancy” skirt, in this case a sequin skirt for the fun times and events….whether dressed up or down.  A piece such as this is a great go to item for any holiday or celebratory occasion.  Well, I do as I am told by my wardrobe consultant.  See, I made a sequin skirt.  Guess what???  I love it!!!

I originally wanted to use a basic McCalls pattern for the skirt.  But decided to stick with my high waisted look based off Pamela’s Patterns and my own measurements.  I just used my hip, waist and length measurement to create the skirt.  I included a 2 inch allowance for the top in order to make for a wide sew-on 1.5″ elastic. 

Black Diamond Stretch Sequin

The sequin fabric is from smfabric.com.  This fabric is extremely nice.  I mean, before working with this sequin, I had a serious phobia against working with sequins.  I love it…it does not act anything like the fabric sequins I have had experience using.  The pyramid shaping to the sequins gives it such a distinctive look and feel.

It looks like leather at first glance.  The sequins are no more than 1/8″ big and are “stacked”, I mean stacked densely on the knit backing.  I was worried about adding the four darts to get the shaping and how I would work them in without adding excess bulk. Be sure to watch the video on tips to sew invisible darts in this fabric.

The lining was a really nice designer grade tricot that is lightweight, yet strong enough to stand up to the weight of the fabric. 

I wore the outfit to a friend’s New Year’s Eve gathering with the over the knee boots. Such fun was had making this wonderful sequin skirt!  

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