Alumni Support: Behind the Scenes of the 2015 Sewing Contest and Fashion Show

I love when alumni reach back and offer support to the students of their alma mater.  The 2nd place winner of last year’s Sewing Contest, Tommy Lu, did just that.  Tommy took time out during his break from the University of North Texas to share his college experience with the fashion design seniors at Elsik High School. Abby, the fashion design instructor at Elsik, wrote this post about Tommy’s visit.  Thanks Abby and congratulations Tommy on completing your first semester of college!!

 Former Elsik fashion design student, Tommy Lu visited the Advanced Fashion Design class just before finals in December. Tommy is passionate about fashion, designing, sewing, sketching and anything else related to the fashion world. He has a natural gift for sketching designs and does so often in his spare time. 

He is self motivated which he demonstrated last year by researching on his own the design technique of draping and practiced on his own. 

He graduated last year, in 2014, with the 2nd place prize in Elsik’s spring fashion show. He created a classy red, A line dress with a jacket.

Tommy is attending the University of North Texas and is taking the pre-fashion design courses. He will soon be able to apply to get into the fashion design program after completing the perquisite freshmen year courses. 

Several current Elsik students are interested in UNT as their post-high school education. Tommy willingly agreed to visit and talk about his experience so far.

Two students have already been accepted and are trying to decide if it’s the right school for them. Tommy showed them the classes offered and required at UNT and how the application process works. They asked him questions about classes, teachers, freshmen dorms, and other typical college life questions. Being able to ask a college student about college life was a really great experience for the students and those considering UNT have some very big decisions ahead if them!

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