Working through the Holiday-Behind the scences of the 2015 Sewing Contest/Fashion Show

The students at Elsik High School are putting in overtime getting ready for the 2015 Sewing Contest and Fashion Show!  While their friends were going to the movies, cruising the mall or playing video games, these dedicated future fashion designers were working hard to ensure their garments look top notch for the show.  The students sacrificed their Thanksgiving holidays and went into the classroom to sew, sew, sew!  

Fashion design instructor, Abby, has done a great job inspiring the students with fabrics, magazine images and the students’ own designs to keep their creative juices flowing.  Abby wrote a grant that was approved and the class now has professional dressforms. And you’ll notice they are being trained of the importance of “fabric only” scissors!!!  🙂

Sewing is alive and well for the next generation! 

(Sewing Contest/Fashion Show date is Friday, April 17, 2015)

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