Behind the scences of the 2015 Sewing Contest/Fashion Show

You may remember that I sponsor a sewing contest/fashion show for the Fashion Design classes of Alief ISD.  There’s a lot that happens before the show and I thought I would share some of the activities that take place before the first model walks the runway. 

The fashion show is an opportunity for all of the fashion design students to share with family, friends and the community what sewing skills they have learned.  The sewing contest is the last scene of the fashion show and the students are given a specific challenge to complete. There are 4 criteria the students are judged on–fit, construction, interview and a portfolio. The portfolio was an area that the students really struggled with so I called fashion designer Aundria, a recent graduate of FIDM, to help.   

Aundria went right to work setting up the presentation in the computer lab.

The students learned how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and Word to put together a portfolio on the computer.

She also shared how to use paper, photo/magazine clippings and other art supplies to make a portfolio without any access to a computer.  

The students put into practice what they learned.

Thank you Aundria for taking the time to come out and share your expertise with the students.  They have the tools now to successfully put together their portfolios for the contest! 

Aundria and Abby (fashion design instructor)

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