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Grey is the color to watch for Fall 2013 into Spring 2014.  While I love black–nothing can replace all that it does for us (slimming us down being one of the many reasons to snuggle up to black). Grey captures a certain subtle elegance that winds its way through all of the different facets of any given day–work, dinner, or chillaxin at home.  And the color palette for grey is enormous!  Slate, pewter, charcoal-there are probably more than 50 shades of grey out there! (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist).

(Grey/Silver Boucle’)

Grey is the color that blends white with black-making the range of grey everything from very light to colors that get deeper and richer as you move closer to the black spectrum.

Many fashionistas love the color grey, because it looks credible and professional when worn for work and it looks shimmery and sexy for your weekend glam plans.  But even more incredible, is that grey looks fantastic with every neutral color you could imagine!

(French Vanilla Boucle, Chocolate Brown Menswear Wool, Wall Street Grey)


And a pop of color goes a long way.  Orange-check; fuchsia-check; cobalt-check; green check…and on and on…

(Satin Back Crepe Stretch Magenta and Stone Tropical Weight Wool)

Mixing patterns (like animal prints and pinstripes) is easy with a neutral color like grey!

(Animal Print Knit-Grey and Dark Grey/Metallic Silver Pinstripe)

And to accessorize this range of colors, don’t just stick to silver or platinum.  Be bold by mixing your grey palette with gold accessories-shoes, purses, jewelry.

Don’t forget your nails! Nail Polish is in on the grey trend, too!

Who says grey is drab?  Add a grey outfit or two to your wardrobe and see what a workhorse color it is!

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