Burda Style 12/2012

Burda Style December 2012

All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

Love the waistline detail!

Dress #112

Satin Back Crepe-Burnished Gold

Evening Smoking Jacket

Jacket #116


The fitted peplum will tuck nicely inside skirts or pants.

Shirt #126
Black Silk Jersey

 Classic pieces that will mix and match in your wardrobe.
Top #118A  Black Sequin Stretch Velvet

Skirt #122 Silk Charmeuse-Black

Vintage circa 1960

Dress #141
Deep Amethyst Tweed

Plus Size

Dress #144
Midnight Tropical Weight Wool

Weekend Glam
Waistcoat#149 Dark Grey/Metallic Pinstripe 

Trousers #148 Stone Tropical Weight Wool

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