Burda Style 11/2012

Burda Style October 2012

All Styles at a Glance

Line Drawings

Weekend Glam!

Make yours using Cream/Brown Faux Fur

Fur Shrug #133

The collar on this blouse is sewn into the shoulder

and armhole seam.  The skirt has interesting pockets.

Blouse #122

Skirt #121B

This dress would work well for the office.

Dress #118A

The tuck gives this white blouse a modern spin and looks

great paired with slim pants.

Blouse #117

Pants #116

1952 Vintage Swing Coat

Short Coat #134

Plus Size

This would look great made out of Midnight Snow.

Wear it as shown or tuck it inside a pencil skirt.

Tunic #138A

Great Neckline!

Dress #137

To purchase, go to www.smfabric.com

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