My Classic Skirt

After a couple of floral fun skirts, I needed to make a basic, appropriate skirt.  My current black skirt is low calf length so I wanted to make a shorter black skirt.  I checked patterns looking for something classic to go with many blouses and shirts.  I found Simplicity 7962 copyright 1987.

I realized it would be too long.  I marked the length
of each piece in thirds giving me two places to shorten
 it and keep the flair.

Peggy came over to check the muslin fit and made adjustments to the right back.  She drew the straight of the grain on those pieces.  We also decided I needed to shorten it more and chose a point above the flair to take out 2 more inches.  Then I laid out the pieces again to make the adjustments more permanent.

I chose the Bankers Grey Menswear Wool (now sold out) I found at Sew Much Fabric.  This fabric has a marvelous drape and is very easy to work with.  It looks black but is actually a very dark charcoal grey.  There is a very fine thread line in the fabric.

Because of the flair, hemming was tedious.  I needed to trim the
allowance down to 1 inch so that there would not be bulk.

The sheer burnout overshirt
is much warmer than it looks.
It is nice to wear it in over
air-conditioned places.
The tank top is pink linen
in Butterick 5354

What a great addition to your wardrobe. You will wear this a lot.  This would also look great in the Black Menswear Wool.
Thanks for the review!

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