Pattern Review Stretch and Sew 470, skirt

Abby has accomplished a lot of sewing lately (see following 2 posts)!!

  Enjoy her pattern reviews.

 Sku #CS2115

Cherry Red to Cream Stripes




The fabric was incredibly easy to work with.  Both fabric and lining were washed and dried in the machine so care for this skirt will be a cinch.  The pattern is from 1985 and I made a few changes to suit current style and my taste.  I shortened the skirt so that it was a little more modern and added belt loops.

I added the rayon lining, diamond white, which was a breeze to put on the inside.  The pattern didn’t call for a lining but I preferred one to prevent the cotton from sticking to leggings or nylons if I ever wore them.  It also has more of a high-end feel for me.  

I used scraps of lining to seam finish the skirt seams

and pockets with a Hong Kong binding.

Originally one side pocket was left as a flap that buttoned at the waist to close it.  It was a perfect set-up for a zipper because the pocket front crosses over the back slightly to hide the opening.  I added the zipper here and, thus, the zipper is an invisible zipper!

You look lovely, Abby!

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