Pattern Review Simplicity 3786 view E

Samina has shared this pattern review with us.

Fabric: Sheer, crinkly coral cotton.  

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Pre-treatment: machine-washed in a delicate cold water cycle and hung to dry. Of course it will crinkle substantially, and it will shrink. Ironing it will get it back to a smoother texture. Be aware that even after ironing it out, the fabric shrank by 4 inches. No problem for me as there was still enough for the blouse.If the end garment is going to be dry cleaned, of course there is no need to pre-treat; but I like to make everyday clothing.

Sewing this pattern went smoothly.I love that the panel in the front is made separately with shoulder-to-hem princess lines. It gives an opportunity for fit.

Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, french seams would have been ideal, but I used Seams Great as a seam-finish – just because.  Serging the seams was nixed because I think that is too much thread in a delicate fabric.

There was an “uh-oh” moment with the tucks and neckline – both these things were carelessness on my part.Since this fabric is sheer, ripping the seam would have been disastrous. So, note to the self (and others): do not make errors when sewing this kind of fabric!

To keep the sheer look, I did not line this blouse, but wear it with a skin colored camisole. Be sure that the neckline of the cami is lower than the neck opening. I had to deal with that issue………

I love this blouse!!It has been worn throughout the summer with white pants & sandals, as well as jeans. If the warm weather continues, I will continue wearing it with darker bottoms and booties.This coral color looks great with gold jewelry in smaller delicate shapes, since large jewelry seems to overwhelm the delicate fabric. I’ve also used a Missoni scarf (real Missoni, y’all!) with coordinating colors.I would love to hear about other styling options………….

Cleaning the finished garment: it will continue to crinkle up and seem to shrink every time it’s washed. I always stretch it out when still wet and hang it up to dry.Dry cleaning is a good option, but I prefer not to spend money on dry cleaning on something I wear so repeatedly.I’d rather spend those dollars on fabric. So what’ve you got, Roz?

Samina, you did a great job.  Thanks for the review!

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