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Abby is a member of our local Sewing Fashionistas group and a Home Ec teacher at a local area high school. She slipped this sewing project in while working on a more complex dress and this is her pattern review.

Sku #RS4109  

Kaleidoscope Print Knit


 97% Rayon 3% Spandex


This really was the perfect weekend project.  I didn’t make many changes.  I cut a larger size than my usual but I was envisioning a loose fit with a little flow to it.  I sewed a casing on the inside for the elastic.  It just felt wrong to me to have it in the seam not attached-it’s very possible I was reading the directions wrong.  I didn’t really look at them too much to be honest.  I think I like having the small gathered section visible on the outside for now.  If I decide I don’t like it, I can just change it up!  I guess that’s a benefit of being able to sew. 

The lining was easy to work with and feels like its not even there.  It was easy to understitch and stretches nicely. I may add a skirt lining later because I’m afraid the fabric may ride a little up my leg.  We’ll see when I actually wear it in public.

 I cut the shoulder pleats down to three instead of four.  The fourth one stuck out too far on my narrow shoulders.  I do wish the underarm was a little higher.  I’ll keep that in mind for future cap sleeve designs.

Accessorized with a belt

and with a cardigan and belt

Great fabric to work with, steamed perfectly, washed perfectly, feels great, stretched great (and that’s using only a sewing machine).

Thanks Abby for sharing your pattern review with me!

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