Guest Blogger Talks About Bernina My Label 3D Fashion Pattern Software 
Part I

Ronnie* is my guest blogger and will be sharing in a series of posts her experience  with Bernina My Label.   You can visit Ronnie at It’s a Stitch to get an up close and personal look at the program.


My interest in the Bernina My Label software was born from my frustration in fitting commercial patterns.  Numerous pattern fitting books led me to question what adjustments I need to make-forward shoulder or rounded back?  Why can’t I move my arms freely?  On and on it has gone until I purchased the software.  The My Label software has taken the headache out of pattern alterations for me.  Although I have successfully used the software to make the T-shirt, tunic, flared pants and tailored shirt, I am just a novice using the software.  Let me share a few things that I have learned so far about the software.  

In the software there are 6 drawers- models drawer, styles drawer, fabrics drawer, stitches drawer, embroideries drawer and a buttons drawer.  The models drawer is where you measurements are stored.  You can save up to 99 different sets of measurements as different models.  

The Styles drawer is where the different garment styles are located and selected from.  You can change the design ease of a garment in the styles drawer.  Any change in measurement in the styles drawer changes the garment and not the model.  Meet Nina, the model built in the software.  The large grey area is the work table where your pattern will be located when you choose a style.

We can select garments from the styles drawer to dress Nina and see how they will look with her body style.  In the next screen shot you can see that I selected a dark indigo denim for the flared pants and a white linen for the yoked jacket to dress Nina.  We can also rotate Nina to see how the garment will look from the back.

There are 43 measurements that need to be taken.  It is critical that accurate measurements are taken to achieve a good pattern fit.  This can be accomplished by using the measurement accessory kit and the on-screen guide in the software to tell you exactly how and where to measure.  I found that metric measurements gave the most accurate fit.  

I am sure by now that you are curious regarding the designs incorporated in the software. There are a total of 20 classic pattern designs.  These include a 3/4 length coat, 5 jackets, 5 tops, 1 vest, 3 skirts, 3 pants and 2 dress patterns.  There are an additional 6 free designs to download from a link on the Bernina USA website  The download designs include a trouser, a 5-pocket jean, 2 shirt patterns, 2 jackets and 1 skirt pattern.  Even with a limited number of designs in the software your options are unlimited. There are numerous educational presentations on the Bernina website that show how to modify these design to produce endless style variations and how to use your custom My Label pattern to modify commercial patterns to achieve a perfect fit without a lot of guess work.  I am looking forward to altering my next commercial pattern with one of My Label patterns.  I just wish there were more hours in the day or that I didn’t need much sleep!

The program also allows you to add placement lines to the pattern for embellishment or style variations.  There are many fabrics, buttons, embroider and stitch choices in labeled drawers that you can select for your pattern style and dress your your personal 3D model just like you would a paper doll.  This allows you to visualize how this garment looks on your body type.  If you would like to see the garment made in your fabric, you can scan in your fabric and view the garment with your specific fabric.  The optimum size ranges for the best fit with the software are as follows.  

Height 5′-6’6″

Bust 30″-50″

Hip 33″-51″

If your measurements fall outside of these ranges, you can achieve fit by adding ease in the style measurement properties (this is where you can add design ease to your garment if you wish).

There are certain hardware requirements for My Label due to the 3D modeling for the model.  The minimum requirements are as follows. 

Operating System:  Windows XP SP2 or Vista

Processor Speed:  Intel Pentium IV @ 2.4 GHz

RAM:  1024 MB

Graphics Card (with 3D accelerator) SVGA card 128 MB or higher (no shared memory)

Display Resolution: 1024 X 768

USB Port for Dongle Security Key

HDD Free Space:  1 GB min.

Service Pack 1 needs to be downloaded from hhtp:// for Vista or Windows 7 to run the software.  I am currently running My Label on a 64 bit Windows 7 PC with a non-intergrated graphics card and I have had no problems with the software.  

I am looking forward to sharing more of my experiences with My Label in future blog posts.  Can’t wait to show my T-shirt I made with one of Roz’s gorgeous knits from Sew Much Fabric!

*Ronnie’s Sewing Background 

My mother taught me to sew around the age 10.  We made Barbie doll clothes-a whole wardrobe for my sister’s Barbie for Christmas.  She was one stylin’ doll!  I would like to sew all my clothes, but am just not organized enough to have the time.  My current passion is couture although I also love to make capris and cotton shirts for summer casual.  I sew because it is a creative outlet and I can’t afford the expensive clothes that I prefer in the stores.  I am a fabric snob and very tactile with a preference for natural fabrics.  It has to feel good.  All of my sewing machines are Bernina’s.  I don’t have a favorite item to sew and go with whatever I am inspired to sew or need.

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  1. Roz
    May 21, 2011 / 1:09 am

    Thanks for writing this post! Will It's A Stitch help with taking the measurements?

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