New Fabrics for August 2010

Sku# WS1071

Black/Ivory/Red Box Plaid


97% Wool 3% Spandex


This wool blend is on trend for Fall 2010 with the color combination of black/ivory/red (the red is a blue-red).  The hand is beefy but with a nice drape.  The plaid measures 2-1/4 by 2-5/8.  Perfect for office attire and classic sportswear.

Sewl Mates

Sku# S10126051

Red Silk Dupioni


100% Silk


Sku# P3065

Black Crinkle


100% Polyester


Construction in Progress

Armo Weft Interfacing

Gutermann Thread 021, 430, 010

Buttons: Faux Black Leather  7/8″  $.80

Marbled Garnet  7/8″  $2.50

Ykk Invisible Zipper #578

Rayon Hem Tape Bankers Grey

Rayon Lining Grey

Sweet Inspiration

Burda Style 07/2010 #127

Pattern Suggestions: Butterick 5459, 5534, McCalls 5936, 6038, Simplicity 2315, 2758, Vogue 8630, 8667

Sewing Tip: Use a single fold layout to accurately match the plaids.

 Sku# W1072

Bankers Grey Menswear Wool


100% Tropical Weight Wool


This is gorgeous tropical weight wool from Italy.  The color is the darkest grey-one shade short of black.  Light weight with good drape, make pants, skirts, jackets or dresses.

Sewl Mate

 Black/Ivory/Red Box Plaid

(see above)

Construction in Progress

Rayon Lining Black

Rayon Hem Tape Black

YKK Invisible Zipper #580

Gutermann thread 010

Buttons: Black/Gold Paradise  1-1/8″  $2.75

Black Starfish  1-1/2″  $2.50

Sweet Inspiration

Burda Style 08/2010 # 107

Pattern Suggestions: Butterick 5259, 5535, McCalls 5537, 6162, Simplicity 2337, 2455, Vogue 1166, 8672

Sewing Tip:  Use a size 12 universal needle.

Sku# RP3073

Mulberry/Bronze Brocade





This beautiful brocade from Tuleh would be a great addition to your wardrobe.  This is dress weight with a soft drape.  The brocade is woven with a matte sheen.  The colorway is mulberry (a greyed purple) and bronze.  Make a fun weekend jacket, a sheath dress for work or a lovely outfit for an evening out on the town.

Sewl Mate

Sku# W1059

Summer Brown Tropical Wool


100% Wool


Construction in Progress

Armo Weft Interfacing

Buttons: Gold Treble  2″  $3.50

Gold Toggle  1-1/2″ $3.00

Gutermann thread 520, 939

Ykk Invisible Zipper 867

Rayon Hem Tape Whiskey

Sweet Inspiration

Burda Style 08/2010 # 102B

Pattern Suggestions: Butterick 5427, 5453, McCalls 5186, 5759, Simplicity 2311, 2728, Vogue 1182, 8640

Sewing Tip:  Use the with nap layout.

Sku# W1074

Navy Wool


100% Wool Super 100


Classic Navy-Timeless Wool-Fabulous Price!  This is the excellent quality super 100 wool from Italy.  The color is a true navy.  For this quality and price you will want a dress, pants, jacket and skirts.

Sewl Mate

Sku# S10130071

Ivory Silk Shantung


100% Silk


Construction in Progress

Rayon Lining Navy

Gutermann thread  #280

Buttons: Pearl/Navy  1-1/16″ $4.00

Navy Diamond Squared  1-1/16″  $3.75

YKK Invisible Zipper  #K071

Rayon Hem Tape Navy

Sweet Inspiration

Burda Style 08/2010 #108E

Pattern Suggestions: Butterick 5391, 5395, McCalls 5817, 6028, Simplicity 2446, 2868, Vogue 1063, 1123

Sewing Tip:  Be sure to use a press cloth while ironing to prevent any shine. 

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