Eileen and Belle Armoire magazine

My clients are so talented. First there is Beverly, a published author of a textile text book “Apparel Concepts and Practical Applications”, and now Eileen, our facilitator for the “Sewing Fashionistas”, has one of her lovely creations published in “Belle Armoire” magazine.

July/Aug 2009 issue

“Belle Armoire” July/Aug 2009 issue, page 72

Eileen granted SMF an interview to tell us about this wonderful experience.

SMF: How did your garment get into “Belle Armoire”?
Eileen: I was wearing my jacket at the 2008 Quilt Festival last October (during the preview night) when I met the Editor in Chief, Jenny Doh, of Belle Armoire magazine. She said “I want that jacket.” She handed me her business card and a copy of Belle Armoire magazine and suggested I read the submissions guidelines. I asked did she want a picture of my jacket or the jacket itself? Jenny replied, “I have seen the jacket and I want it for my magazine. Read the submissions guidelines and send it to us so we can take pictures for the magazine.” So I just did what she said to do, and now here it is published!

SMF: Is this a pattern and if so what pattern is it?
Eileen: The red and yellow box jacket was made from a kit purchased from Starr Hagenbring at the 2007 Quilt Festival. There is no pattern. The necessary pieces (front, back, sleeves,collar) were traced onto fabric.

SMF: What fabric did you use?
Eileen: Upholstery fabric, silk duppioni and silk organza (for underlining the silk pieces).

SMF: How long did it take to construct?
Eileen: 3-4 weekends

SMF: Was it difficult?
Eileen: No

SMF: What are some of your personal touches to the jacket?
Eileen: I underlined the silk duppioni pieces with silk organza to stabilize my decorative stitching. The fabric painting of the circles was done first then dried and pressed before decorative stitches and constructing the jacket. I added more topstitching to the sleeves and collar to match how high I wanted to roll the sleeves up.

SMF: What was your experience like working with Belle Armoire?
Eileen: Very good. Just follow the submissions guidelines. Everything takes longer than you think because you don’t have the experience to gauge how long it should be. I had taken a class on millinery several years ago and had heard about the instructor submitting hats, but I never asked how long it took. I submitted my garment in December 2008 and it was published in the July/August 2009 issue. My first clue that it was going to be published was receiving an advance copy of the July/August issue on June 15. A plastic wrapped magazine with a plain white wrapper. Of course, I started calling as many people as possible when I opened it that night, and of course they were not able to find the magazine on the newsstand until after July 2.

SMF: Anything else you would like to add?
Eileen: Starr Hagenbring was the Bernina Fairfield Show winner in 2007. Her booth had the winning garment and several other artwear pieces for sale. All gorgeous items and wonderful to look at up close and personal. I bought the kit when I had achieved my goal weight that I had been working towards since February 2007. It is the first time in my life I only bought “one thing” at the Quilt Show and actually finished making it by the Quilt Show the following year. This experience has also taught me that you have to get out into the world and share your talents. If you make something fabulous and no one can appreciate it, it is almost like not having done it at all. I guess that is one of my main drivers for facilitating our group the “Sewing Fashionistas”

Beautiful work Eileen and congratulations!
Please go out and get a copy of the July/August issue of Belle Armoire!

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