Fashion Info You Need To Know No. 2

I found this information on Dana Buchman in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on 4/03/08. Dana Buchman is owned by Liz Claiborne a company that is facing financial struggles. Reorganization is taking place with sixteen brands that will either be sold, discontinued or licensed. Dana Buchman will fall under the license category. The exclusive deal is with Kohl’s department store slated to start spring 2009. Claiborne is hoping this will give new life to a brand they feel has fallen out of favor. Of course moving from stores like Neiman Marcus with prices ranging from $200-$1500 to Kohl’s with prices from $25-$130 there will be some quality changes. The article also stated that Ms. Buchman was “emotional” about the changes. Ya think?! I have always loved Ms. Buchman’s sense of style and of course her fabrics. I’m anxious to see what kind of fabrics she will be using next year.

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