Just My Imagination!!Cynthia has written a great reminder of what a covered button could be!!

I witnessed my Mother use covered buttons frequently. I would often think, “Why would she do that when we could buy buttons from the store?” Well, I have had to eat those words plenty of times because as we all know, a great button can make a garment. And when I can’t find “the button”, I cover my buttons. I encourage you to use your imagination and cover your own buttons, too. To create the covered buttons to coordinate with our beautiful Anne Klein wool suiting, I used the following items.

  • Button to cover kit-Dritz or Prim
  • Glass beads and/or shells
  • Clear transparent monofilament thread
  • Glue stick
  • Hand needle

I still prefer the “old fashion” buttons to cover kit with the teeth that destroy my fingernails. In my opinion, these still make the best covered buttons because when the fabric is stretched and smoothed over the button the teeth firmly hold the fabric in place. To save your fingernails you can use a small flathead screw driver to help hook fabric onto the teeth of the button.

1. Thread your needle using the monofilament thread. Make several knots in the monofilament thread to prevent the thread from pulling through the fabric.2. Follow the directions on the back of the package of covered buttons to cut the fabric for the size of the button.3. Place beads or whatever you are using in a design on your cut fabric. You can use the glue stick to temporarily hold beads in place.4. Begin to sew beads in place. I did this one at a time because the monofilament thread is slippery.5. Be sure to check the size of your design before you covering your button. You may have to adjust your design.6. Cover your button according to instructions on the back of package.7. If you are making machine buttonholes, carefully cut your buttonholes open and apply a small amount of Fray Check to the edges and allow to completely dry. This will help keep the buttonhole from snagging.

With a little imagination you can create beautiful buttons to enhance your garment.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 12, 2007 / 1:22 pm

    What a great reminder to use covered buttons. It gives the garment a polished look.

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