MeasurementsThe first thing you need when starting a sewing project is a good set of measurements. Your measurements tell you what size pattern to use and what alterations are needed for a comfortable fit. This is the measurement chart I use for myself and my clients. (Please feel free to make a copy.)

These are the steps I use when taking measurements. You will need a friend to help.

1. Strip down to your undergarments. The undergarments should be the ones you’ll wear with the outfit. This is especially true for evening wear. Tummy control garments and push up bras can really change your measurements.2. Stand naturally. Don’t hold in your stomach or stick out your chest.3. Place a strip of masking tape 2 finger width from your underarm to your thighs.

4. Find your waistline and tie a 1/4″ elastic around it.

5. Take a ruler and line it perpendicular to the fullest part of your bust. Mark a line on the masking tape.

Do the same for the fullest part of your abdomen, hips, thighs.

The marks on the masking tape and the elastic are points of reference for accurate measurement taking.

You are now ready for your friend to take your measurements. Start with #1 and go through #24. If you are making evening wear do the additional measurements at the bottom.If you have any questions leave them in the comment section or email them. I will be happy to help.

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