Sweet InspirationPrestonsbaby asked in the comment section about my fashion/fabric inspirations. I’m inspired by lots of everyday things (people watching, color combinations in nature, etc..) and of course the many fashion sources. I wanted to share some of these sources with you, so to the right I’ve added a list of links titled “Fashion Eye Candy”. Just click on the name and it will take you to that website. I also subscribe to several (OK, maybe a few more than several) magazines. They are listed under “View my complete file”.Here is an example of how I use magazines as an inspiration to come up with a sewing project.This is a picture from April ’07 InStyle magazine.The shirtdress on the left is a classic silhouette. You probably have a pattern like this or you can simply lengthen a shirt pattern. Use the tiger stripe linen from the Early Spring 2007 Mailer and you have a great look-a-like.

Wear this shirtdress into the fall over jeans and a light weight sweater. Cinch in the waist with a leather belt or wear it open like a jacket.The safari look on the right is a trend that cycles in and out of fashion often. Again there are many safari jacket patterns like this one

or try a camp shirt pattern. Use the white cotton/lycra from the Late Winter 2007 Mailer for the pants and the warm beige cotton/lycra for the jacket.

The fabrics and patterns follow the pictures closely, but the options are endless. Creating is one of the aspects of sewing that I really love. What are some of your inspirations?

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  1. Elephteria
    November 11, 2008 / 1:02 pm

    Good post.

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