Spring Trends 2007

Happy New Year! It’s time to look ahead and plan your Spring/Summer 2007 wardrobe. Fashion no longer dictates to just one style. Fashion is full of choices for all ages, body types and lifestyles so select the ones that apply to you. Here is an overview of the new season’s trends.

1. Overall Trends: Minimalist or Futuristic-structured, A-line shapes in black and white or geometric prints Femininevery billowy, sheer shapes in floral prints Sporty-layered T-shirts and anorak jackets all made in athletic fabrics like mesh, nylon and jerseys2. Color: Black/white, navy/white-always a springtime favorite Neutrals-sands, creams, taupes, and grays Brights-yellow, orange, electric blue, green, violet Metallics- silver and gold for day and night Prints- florals, stripes and dots3. Fabrics: Soft knits, lace, eyelets, organza, chiffon, beaded, linens and fabrics with lycra4. Dresses: The #1 trend of the season-Bubble, baby doll, shifts, wrap, empire and drop waist Hemlines are at or above the knee5. Blouses: Poet and bell sleeves, ruffles, light weigh fabrics (you’ll need camisoles)6. Skirts: Layered ruffles, A-line, pencil7. Pants/Shorts: Wide leg, slouchy pants Shorts worn to the knee like last summer Leggings and slim pants are hanging around but are on the back burner8. Accessories: Wear lots of chunky bangles Jewelery made of clear lucite9. Handbags: Large, over sized in silver metallic or white Clutch bags for evening10. Shoes: Chunky wedges Ballet flats

Which trends will you choose?


  1. prestonsbaby
    January 5, 2007 / 10:54 am

    Thanks for all of the trend setters for 2007. It’s always good for someone to confirm your fashion choices. I guess this means that I should go shopping! Enjoy and be blessed!

  2. CeeFloSew
    January 8, 2007 / 9:40 pm

    Greetings Roz and Blessed New Year!I have a question – rather I have a battle and need your help. I now work virtual from home and have no need to get dressed-up anymore. The voices in my head tell me different – any suggestions on a type of “style” that still is comfortable, professional, and a little Fru-Fru. What about types of fabric? Since I have been working from home – I have gained wieght (because – elestic waistbands give) I feel I still need to have some-sort of pride -even when in the house.Thanks for the suggestions

  3. Roz
    January 13, 2007 / 11:27 am

    Ceeflosew, I would suggest using garmets made from comfortable fabrics. Fabrics like knits (made from good quality cotton, viscose or cashmere) or fabrics with lycra.Knits will give you a closer fit and not look so crumpled and fabrics with lycra will have some give. Fitted T-shirts, wrap tops, A-line skirts and pants with a mid-rise (pants that stop at the navel or just right below) with a straight leg. I hope this helps!Roz

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