Bridal Alterations

Bridal alterations are fun although labor intensive. But despite the work, the fabrics and beading are a pleasure to work with. This gown has a strapless bodice and full skirt. There were two alterations – take in the bodice 2″ across the top and bustle the back. The gown has a corset on the inside that hooks seperately from the gown. This is fitted to the body without ease. The outer gown is eased into the corset but not taken in as much because the fabric cannot withstand the stress.

The skirt is bustled in three places.
Satin buttons are placed under a
beaded applique and the thread loops are sewn over the next applique.

When the bustle is put together the beaded appliques form a straight line.
Congratulations Diane! You are a beautiful bride.

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  1. prestonsbaby
    November 1, 2006 / 8:32 pm

    What a beautiful gown! Girl you must have lots of patience and be extremely talented to tackle one’s wedding dress. Wow, you are truly gifted! Amazing!

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