Late Fall Mailout 200660″ 49% Rayon 48% Wool 3% Lycra 16.0060″ 100% Rayon Matte Jersey 26.00 Designer Jenne Maag60″ 57% Rayon 40% Wool 3% Lycra 16.00

60″ 100% Wool Crepe Tweed 17.00 per yard60″ 100% Wool Gaberdine 18.00 per yard

60″ 100% Wool 20.00 per yard Designer Anne Klein60″ 100% Wool Flannel 18.00 per yard57″ 98% Wool 2% Lurex 20.00 per yard

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  1. prestonsbaby
    October 19, 2006 / 8:53 pm

    Yes, it’s me your faithful blogger. I never thought I would blog, but since i’ve known you forever, I’ll support ya. The fabrics are nice as usual, but ironically the red colored fabric was in my dream last night, but it was for shoes. I do need to branch out with my accessories a little more such as, shoes, purses, and jewelry. I guess this current blog confirms it for me——GO SHOE SHOPPING. I don’t have a problem with that at all! Shop til you drop! Do you remember when we went to the opening of Sikes Senter Mall? That was so much fun. All that rain and then it was so clean I walked dead into that glass. Oh what memories I have! Keep it up and you know I looooovvvveeee YA! Peace!

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